Raj Randhawa founded WordUp in 2014, after realising that in 15+ years working in senior business development and client facing roles within various London agencies, that every single one of them had the same problem – while they were great at producing work for their clients, they always struggled to find the time or resources to create their own marketing content.


Today WordUp continues to support marketing, advertising and media agencies with their content, as well as businesses and brands such as TAG Heuer, Jacobs, SAP, Coty (Gucci), National Grid, Microsoft and many more.




Here’s how we can help you:


(RE)DISCOVER YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION – what’s the point of telling clients what you do – if you’re not sure about who you are, what you do or how you can help them?


Our half-day Value Proposition Workshop shines a light on what’s important, to help you create a clear business proposition and a set of core values, that speak from the heart of your business.




We can:


Rewrite your CASE STUDIES into effective sales tools.


(Re)Write your WEBSITE copy, so it clearly tells your audience who you are, what you do and how you can help them.


Plan and write your regular NEWSLETTER to keep the conversation flowing with your audience.


Produce effective SALES COLLATERAL – everything from presentations to sales emails and DM.


Create THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ARTICLES to get your business’ point-of-view across.


Write BLOGS for your website, LinkedIn and other channels.


Plan and write well-crafted, winning AWARD ENTRIES.


Draft PRESS RELEASES to spread the latest news about your business.


Produce VIDEO SCRIPTS for you, your clients and your award entries.


Develop a SOCIAL strategy and posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more.




Without a strong business VALUE PROPOSITION, there’s almost no point in creating content for your business. A clear value proposition makes it crystal clear to your audience, and your own employees – what you stand for and how you can help your clients.


This clarity helps us to create clear and consistent messages, that work harder for your business, to help you win more clients.


Our tried & tested half-day value proposition workshop, will give your entire agency/ business the clarity and confidence to speak in a unified voice, so your message is received loud and clear.


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