Bin your case studies… they’re useless.


The Batman Knows

The Batman Knows

Seriously, that’s exactly what a lot of agencies should do. What’s the point of sending out badly written case studies  (by different AM’s or New Biz people), in varying tones of voice- none of which are true to your agency brand?

Do agencies not realise how important case studies really are?


Case studies are your most valuable selling tool.

Here’s why…

When a brand decides to talk to you about potentially allowing you to work on their business, there are a few things they’ll want to know, including any previous work you’ve done either in their specific industry or in a similar space.

By this stage, they’ve probably bought in to you. They like the cut of your jib and they like the marvelous things you’ve told them about your agency. All you need to do now is demonstrate your previous work, to instill confidence about your abilities to deliver against their objectives.

And that’s usually when you have to start scrambling around for any decent case studies you can show them.

What every single agency needs at this point is a suite of professionally written case studies, for all major projects.

Imagine not having to desperately look for anything decent to show clients or write up new case studies at the last minute.

Imagine instead, leaning back in your ergonomically designed chair with a skinny flat white on your desk, clicking on a folder on the share drive entitled ‘Our Brilliant Project Case Studies’. Now, that would be far more civilised.

Rightly so, agencies devote great time and effort to their client work. But why aren’t they doing the same for themselves?

The bottom line is, that if you don’t invest in your own content, you’re losing clients and losing money.

The only solution is to WordUp.

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