First Quantum Minerals

First Quantum Minerals (FQ) is one of the world’s top ten copper producers. Founded over 20 years ago, today it operates in nine countries across five continents. FQ needed a content specialist to help them with their internal comms.


The Work

We worked closely with the wider projects team, which included designers, techies and strategists, on creating content for a variety of projects. These included reworking their website copy, and various internal communication pieces to FQ’s global workforce out in the field, to get critical company information and updates to them.


A key part of the content we created was to make it persuasive – to get employees to perform certain tasks and provide feedback on a number of different initiatives.


How We Helped

We provided FQ with a virtual member for their core team – one that was always available to deliver against any of their requirements. It meant FQ didn’t have to pay out for a full-time copywriter, but they still had the benefit of a content specialist that could deliver against their requirements, on demand.