Jack Morton Worldwide

Jack Morton Worldwide’s London office got in touch for help with their agency content. Although they had accounts teams already writing some of their content, they just didn’t have the time to devote to producing the collateral they needed on a regular basis.


The Work

To do their project case studies justice, we needed to get under the skin of each project – including the client’s business goals, and how Jack Morton went about developing, delivering and managing live event solutions.


We sent the various teams data capture forms to complete – with a series of questions to help us get a better understanding of each project, and then we held follow-up calls with relevant team members, for further clarification.


We produced two versions of each case study – a longer version to use as a sales tool and a shorter version to add to their various credentials and presentations.


How We Helped

We’ve saved Jack Morton’s account teams from being distracted from their busy day jobs, to write up their projects into case studies. Plus, we can make sure their case studies are consistent, clear and easy to understand – all written in Jack’s unique tone of voice.