Experiential marketing agency Kreate needed us to rewrite 20+ of their project case studies for their website.


The Work

Before getting started we needed to get under the skin of each project, so that we fully understood each clients’ business objectives and how Kreate went about developing successful live event solutions that exceeded their clients’ objectives.


To do this, we gave the various account directors, event managers and creatives, data capture forms to complete – each form had a series of questions to help us get a better understanding of the project.


In some cases we held follow-up calls with the relevant team members for clarification or additional information. Because of our rigorous approach to collecting the necessary data and information, more often than not, we got it right first time.



How We Helped

The Kreate website now boasts a full set of well written and engaging case studies, that gets the message across loud and clear – helping Kreate to clearly demonstrate their value to their clients.