Israeli tech start-up Munity invited us to Tel Aviv for a few days to run a series of content workshops, for their business value proposition (VP), website content and sales collateral.


Their technology was ready to go, but they didn’t know how to tell people what they did because they didn’t have a clear business value proposition.


The Work

During the VP workshop the founders got to brain dump on to 150+ post-its up on a wall, before we worked through and prioritised each of them in turn. We ended up with a list of their key business messages and core values, to help them communicate clearly with their audience.


Only the most important values made it into Munity’s value proposition, with the rest of their messages documented – ready to include in the rest of their content – website, videos and sales presentations.


The second workshop for website content helped us prioritise the key messages for each web page, making the website copy clear and easy to understand.


During the sales collateral workshop, we decided how best to target a specific industry, and then planned a sales strategy along with all of the required content for various stages of the sales process.


How We Helped

We helped Munity define their offering, with a set of core values and messages and then produced all of the written content to get their start-up off the ground – including website copy and their sales collateral – which included an email teaser, 1 pager (print and web), white paper, presentation, video scripts, VC presentation etc.


The output of these workshops has given Munity a strong, clear and concise value proposition statement, (to sit on their website home page).





I had a very good experience working with Raj on our value proposition. I liked the process, I love the outcome, I appreciate Raj patient, experience and professionalism and I am looking forward for the next opportunity to work with him.

Gilad Zlotkin – Chairman. Munity