Secret Client. sshhh!

The Meeting

They asked us to write a video script for their client, involving a mock TV newscast to include interviews with reporters and the public. Discussions around their requirements included working out the main areas of value that client needed to bring out through the script.


What We Did

First off, we set to work researching TV newscasts including presenters and the language they used in the global region where the film would be shown. With a firm direction in regard to language, buzz words and news story, we set about creating a true-to-life TV News script making sure that when filmed, the actor’s lines would be representative of a real-life newscast in the intended region.


How We Helped

The script we presented to the client was accepted immediately without any major edits and with the filming completed by the team at Contented Brothers, the client received a fantastic piece of video content, to a very short and strict deadline. The end client has been very impressed with the speed and quality of our project work.



Raj is a fantastic copy and scriptwriter who’s worked across a broad range of film projects and productions for our agency. He’s our go-to man and has delivered cracking work for our clients.

Christopher Smith – Executive Producer, Contented Brothers